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What we provide

Scientific Writing Services Inc., provides scientific and technical writing for the vaccine, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. 

Our deliverables are concise and scientifically accurate documents that will satisfy your unique requirements. We abide by your specifications and meet your time lines. 

We provide a range of services to improve draft documents. These services include: proofreading, critical editing, and integrating key information from the scientific literature into your documents. We will work with you to produce original written materials. We are experts in "fact-checking" and preparing documents and references with annotations in preparation for medical, legal, and regulatory committee review.

Who we are

We are staffed by a team of PhD-level scientists skilled in written and verbal communication. Our technical backgrounds, coupled with an understanding of current advances in science, medicine, and biotechnology, translate into well-written documents.

We can collaborate with you at any stage in your writing projects - from creation of draft documents, to early and late-stage revisions, through to preparation of final manuscripts.

Scientific Writing Services, Inc.
established 1997

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